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    ″ If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you ′ ll end up not doing nothing for nobody. ″ ~ Malcom Bane
    So, I have decided not to wait. I&prime m; aware that giving back to society is indeed a complex thought. I have embarked on the journey of knowledge sharing through a creation of a mobile application. As an Agile Enthusiast, I am learning new things daily from each individual whom I meet. During my Agile journey, I used lots of tools & technique which I wanted to rebuild and present in the form of an easily accessible mobile application. I am sure it will assist people in the world of Agile community.
    Following simple mantra is, ″ Knowledge is the only thing which you can multiply by sharing ″.
    Kindly extend your support to provide me the feedback and suggestions to improve this Agile Knowledge Tree (AKT) application.
    - Yogesh S. Shinde

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    Dedicated mobile app exclusive for Agile community


    be smart and get all Agile information at single place

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    Test your Agile Skill

    Free Online quiz to test your skills

    Agile Competency

    Agile competency on your finger tips

    Planning Poker

    Soft Planning Poker Card

    Humor of the Week

    Lighter side of Agile

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